Inspired ideas for home decorating may come from many sources.  Today, many people are inventing their own accessories to make decors more exciting.  There are many low cost or reusable materials in the kitchen which you can use.  One example is the egg shell.  You can do many things with an empty egg shell.


Clean and dry egg shells

Colored tissues

Decorative ribbon

Small plastic beads

Baby rickrack

Gold card

Dried mall grass flowers



  1. Cut a two cm hole on one side of the raw egg.  Remove the egg white and yolk.
  2. Wash the empty egg shell with warm water and detergent.  Let it dry.
  3. Glue colored tissues inside and outside of the egg shell.
  4. Glue rickrack around opening on the inside.
  5. Glue bead at opening on the outside to hide any irregularities.
  6. Attach the hanging card from the top of the egg down the center and back.
  7. Arrange the dried flowers as you see fit.

Source:  Gifts to Make

photo courtesy:  aeb