Scales are normally removed from fish before cooking them.  The good news is, there is a good use for these scales.  Because of their unique patterns and texture, they are good materials for handicrafts.  Follow these easy steps on how to make an artificial flower using fish scales.


What you need:

Fish Scale Rose

Fish Scale Rose

Fish scales (preferably the big ones)

Glue stick and glue gun stick

Papel de japon

Coloring dyes



Artificial leaves


Fish scaler or knife


What you will do:

  1. Remove scales by scraping the fish with a fish scaler or the dull edge of a knife.  Use short strokes from tail to head.  Select the bigger ones that you have scraped.  (Certain varieties of fish have big scales.)
  2. Wash the scales thoroughly in water until the slimy substance and unpleasant smell is removed.
  3. Remove the scales from the water using a strainer.  Afterwards, let them dry under the sun for two days.
  4. In one cup of water, dissolve one tablespoon of dye and 1/8 tablespoon of salt.  Soak the dried scales in the dye solution.
  5. Let the scales sit in the solution for 15 minutes so the scale will absorb the color from the dye.
  6. Next, place the scales under the sun for 1 hour or until these are completely dried.
  7. Using a glue gun, attach the scales on a stick and form a rose.
  8. Wrap the stick with papel de japon.  Attached three to four pieces of artificial leaves on the stick for the final touch.


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