We love to surround ourselves with flowers, trees and virtually every plant we can think of.  However, caring an maintaining for them can be really difficult especially for people on the go.  Love plants need constant care and attention.  We need to water them, feed them, and make sure they get their sunshine, well at least for most varieties.  Artificial plants, on the other hand, do not demand so much from their owners.  They’re pretty, they liven up the space, and clean-up is a breeze.

To make your own artificial plant, you will need:

●  A clay pot

●  StyrofoamTM  balls that fit the pot

●  Green spray paint

●  A stick 2 inches longer than twice the height of the pot

●  Boxwood branches

●  Dried flowers (of your choice)

●  Ribbon (of any color)


 1.  Slice one of the StyrofoamTM balls in half.  place the ball flat side up in the pot.

 2.  Push the stick right down the middle of the ball.  You may use glue around the stick to help it stand straight up.

 3.  Using the green spray paint, spray the second StyrofoamTM ball and make a hole in the center.

 4.  Make small holes in the second all.

 5.  Glue the boxwood branches to the second ball and place them in the holes of the ball. Make sure you have enough branches to cover the whole ball.

 6.  Decorate to your heart’s content.  Add dried flowers, always using glue to keep them in place.

 7.  Stick the decorated ball onto the stick in the pot.

 8.  Use the ribbons to make a bow.  If you decided to keep it for yourself, try dusting the product once every two weeks.  Otherwise, five it to friends, teachers, classmates, relatives, etc.


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