“Pearl shake?”

Haven’t you tasted it yet?  Or may be you’ve just heard of it.

The latest craze in drink stuff, pearl shake is actually an ice-blended flavored powder with tapioca “pearl” at the bottom.  It comes in many flavors, like cherry, chocolate and buko pandan, and in various brands the more popular of which are Zagu, and Orbitz?  Pearl shakes are currently priced between 25 to 40 pesos per cup depending on te size and the flavor.  It’s quite affordable for most, but the more price-conscious might deem it still expensive.  So if you are practical enough, and saving money in your coin bank is your project for the summer, why not just concoct your own “pearl shake” at home?

It’s very easy.  Try it! 



Peal Shake

Peal Shake

Sago (tapioca)

½ kg powdered milk

¼ kg brown sugar

¼ kg white sugar

Any flavor of your choice

(chocolate powder, coffee, any fruit in season,

like banana, pawpaw (papaya), or mango)

Ice cubes



 Electric blender



Pitcher or any container

Plastic cups

Big-sized straws




  1. Put the sago and brown sugar in the casserole.  Add very little water.
  2. Simmer the mixture at low heat.
  3. Using the ladle, mix thoroughly until the sago absorbs the sugar syrup.
  4. Cool the sweetened “pearls” at room temperature.



  1. Put the ice cubes in the blender.
  2. Mix a flavor, white sugar, and powdered milk.  Add a little water.
  3. Blend at moderate speed until a smooth and homogenous mixture is achieved.



  1. Put sweetened pearls in plastic cups.
  2. Pour “shake” into cups until they are full


Oops! Don’t forget the straw.  So there, have a toast and take a sip. . .  homemade version of the latest craze call pearl shake.  – Alfie Vera Mella

Visual source:  pacificislandbubble