Spas and wellness centers take the beauty business to high levels, but they also charge high for their services.  There are more practical ways to enhance our physical appearance without spending much.

One way of boosting our daily bath is by using bath salts.  Bath salts are easy to make, with most ingredients readily obtained from local grocery stores.  You can also cut the price of your total purchase by using homegrown herbs and products that are already in stock in your kitchen.

You will need

●  Measuring cups

●  Mixing bowl

●  Table salt

●  Ordinary food coloi8ng

●  Aromatherapy oils (for fragrance), herbs (dried or fresh)


What you will do:

  1. Pour a cup of table salt in a bowl.
  2. Stir in fragrance, starting with a few drops, and adding gradually until the desired strength of scent is reached.
  3. Stir in the dye, adding gradually until the color is even all the way through the salt crystals.
  4. Scoop the mixture into a packaging container.
  5. Seal, label, and decorate as you see fit.


Safety Precautions

●  People with high blood pressure or any heart condition should not use bath salts.  Pregnant women should also use bath salts with caution, as  well as elderly or frail people who can hardly move their joints without excruciating pain.

●  you may want to sample different herbs depending on your mood.  Here are some basic herbal bath salt ideas.

■  For oily skin:  calendula, sage, yarrow

■  For dry, sensitive skin:  borage, parsley, sorrel

■  For gentle cleansing:  rose petals, spearmint, lemon balm


► Hoffman, Didi. /

► Huston, Rachel.