Have you ever wondered what king of adhesive is used in envelopes and stamps?  The glue can be laid down on one surface and dried, and ready to stick to another surface when moistened.

This glue is made from the hides and bones of animals.  But now, you have a chance of making similar glue using different materials.

What you need:

■  1 packet unflavored gelatin

■  1 tablespoon cold water

■  3 tablespoons boiling water

■  ½ teaspoon corn syrup

■  small bowl

■  spoon

■  clean paint brush

■  pieces of paper, clippings, etc.

What you will do:

1.   Sprinkle the package of gelatin over one tablespoon of cold water.  It will swell and soften in about 10 minutes.

2.   When it is soft, add the 3 tablespoons of boiling water and the corn syrup.  Stir until it is dissolved.

3.   Paint the mixture on the pieces of paper.  Let dry.

4.   To use as an adhesive, moisten the dried surface and stick them on other pieces of paper.



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