Bedtime is time for quiet and rest, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.  Put some fun and learning into bedtime by making customized and themed night-lights.

What you will need:


Blue construction paper

Star punchers

Star chart or star map

Glitter glue

Needles of different sizes



What you will do:

1.  Pick your favorite constellation and look for its star chart.  Have your star chart or star map photocopied.

2.  Lay the copy of your star chart on top of the blue construction paper.  Tape the ends to make sure it doesn’t move around.

3.  With your needles, punch holes onto the construction paper.  You can use bigger needles for the bigger stars.  Poke some random homes onto the construction paper to represent other stars.

4.  You can accessorize the construction paper by punching out star shapes in some areas and decorating it with glitter glue.

5.  Wrap the construction paper around the lampshade.  Cut the extra flaps of construction paper.

6.  Secure the construction paper onto the lampshade with glue or tape.

7.  When you turn the lights on, you can see the pattern reflect on your bedroom walls.


Remember that light bulbs emit heat, so make sure that the lampshade is safely spaced away from the bulb.  Do not completely cover the lamp to make sure that there is sufficient ventilation.  Also, consider using cooler, neon bulbs to further increase safety.


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