Some of us probably favor light complexion.  Some pale-skinned people, on the other hand, wanto have darker skin.

If you’re among those who would rather have a slight tan, thre’s a natural way of getting it.  you can make your own tanning lotion.   Before you proceed, amake sure yhour skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients.


What you need:

¾ cup pure water

2 black tea bags

¼ cup lanolin

¼ cup sesame oil

Blender kettle


What to do:

1.   Boil the water.  Be careful not to scald yourself.

2.   Brew the teabags in the boiled water.

3.   Pour one-fourth cup of tea, one-fourth cup of lanolin, and one-fourth cup of sesame oil in the blender.  Replace the lid and set the speed to low.

4.   Gradually add the remaining tea while the blender motor is still running.  (Exercise caution when using a blender that is on.  Don’t place your head too close as you could get the liquid in your eyes.  Never stick your gingers in the pitcher.)

5.   Apply the mixture on a hidden spot of your skin to check whether you like the shade.


Use sparingly.

The brew will add color to your skin and the minerals in it will make the skin soft and healthy.  Although the tan will not last forever, at least you had fun doing it.


► Debra Lynn Dadd.  Debra’s Guide to Choosing Natural Sun Protection.