Ruler and Hammer

Instead of spending your precious saving on expensive magnets, whuy not make your own?  It’s pretty easy, too.  Then you can sell these yourself to friends and classmates.

You’ll need magnetic material, like a screwdriver or a metal ruler, for instance (use the rulet; it’s cheaper).  You’ll also need a hammer and a compass.  If you don’t hae a compass, just go outside and use the sun as a basis for direction (if you don’t have a compass, don’t do this at night or in cloudy weather, unless your already know where north is). 

Position the magnetic material in such a way that it faces a north-south direction.  To use the sun to determine this, just remember that it rises in the East and sets in the West.  So wherever the sun is in the morning, that’s East.  Wherever it is in the afternoon, that’s West.  Wherever your shadow is cast, that’s the opposite direction.  If you plan to do this before noon, make sure you stand where the sun is to your right and your shadow to your right.  In both cases, North should be directly in front of you. 

Now that the ruler is in place, strike it with the hammer about 30 times or more.  Careful not to hurt yourself.  Then check to see if it works.  Try using it on pins and paper clips.  Just keep hitting it till you get it right.  But before doing all this, do make sure no one is bothered by the noise. 

It’s a great way to unleash the physicist in you, and earn extra pocket money as well.