Parties are frequent occasions, and may require a lot of paraphernalia such as balloons, tbales, candies, etc.  one part item that can add elegance and organize the event is the card holder.  Card holders may be used to indicate which group of guests will sit on which table.  They can also be used as tags and labels for drinks, main courses, and desserts.  Here you will be doing a chair-shaped card holder.


What you need

Craft wire

Sparkling aplle cider tops (or equivalent material for the cahir seat)

Wire cutters

Small pliers

Cards and other small pieces of paper material


What you’ll do

1.   Use the wire cutters to shape the craft wire and fashion the structure of a small chair.  Be creative, but ensure that you leave a sufficient length of wire at the bottom ends of the chair’s back.

2.   Secure the chair seat in its place.

3.   Twist the bottom ends of the chair back around the chair’s back legs.

4.   Form an upside down U shape with the wire.

5.   Place the U behind the chair’s back, and twist the back legs of the chair.

6.   Write the dish label or a guest’s name on a card and secure the card between the chair’s back and the U.


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