Fish is a main food in the Philippines.

When there is an abundant supply of fish, they can be preserved in many ways.  One way is through the production of fish sauce (patis) and fish paste (bagoong).  Patis and bagoong are mainstays in every Filipino home.  Here is how to produce them.

MATERIALS:  Fish of assorted species, enzymes from microorganisms, salt



1.   Wash assorted species of fish to remove the undesirable dirt.

2.   Grind fish to facilitate hydrolysis of the protein constituent.

3.   Place ground fish into clean bowls with stirrer.

4.   Add exact amount of salt and mix uniformly to prevent the growth of microorganisms during fermentation.

5.   Put enzymes obtained from microorganisms of plant and animals to enrich the natural endoenzymes present in the fish.  Stir the mixture.

6.   Adjust the requirement of the particular enzyme used.

7.   Ferment for 13 days.  Clean the digested mash by filtering.  Bottle the clear reddish brown liquid as patis and the residue containing some insoluble protein as bagoong.