Flowers are precious mementos or souvenirs when dried.  You can make delicate and fancy designs by neatly mounting dried flowers in frames.


Pressed leaves and flowers of different sizes and shapes, sharp scissors, tweezers, mat board in pastel colors, thin cardboard, white glue, precut mats and frames, old PLDT directory, transparent plastic.


  1. Press the flowers and leaves separately in an old and thick telephone directory.  Be sure not to overlap the leaves and flowers.  Add weights to assure firm press.  Note:  Don’t use glossy paper since they don’t absorb moisture well.
  2. Make an outline of a ring, wreath,  heart on the mat board.  Use light traces of pencils for the outline.
  3. Carefully lift the pressed flowers and leaves with tweezers and place them on mat boards with pastel colors.  Match the mat board with the colors that will complement the pressed specimen.
  4. Apply white glue sparingly to the back of the pressed specimen.  Do not allow glue to smudge the pressed specimen on the mat board.
  5. Follow the outline and glue the pressed specimen according to your desired shape.  Mount your shaped pressed flowers to the thin cardboard.
  6. Wrap in trasparent plastic to protect the pressed flowers.  Stretch the plastic and fit to frames to finish.  A precut frame with glass plates will make your flower frames more attractive. – Bato Balani

Photo courtesy:  prettythingsdecor