We like to look our best at all times.  In fact, the beauty business has grown into a multibillion dollar industry and has been developing tons of products to suit everyone’s taste.

Some beauty expert recommend natural materials that are generally as effective but gentler than their off-the-shell counterparts.  Here are some tips that can address some of your teen-age beauty problem.

Blackheads Buster

1      egg white, 1 large cotton ball

●  Soak the cotton in egg white

●  Cover the affected area with the cotton and wait fo it to dry and harden completely.

●  Carefully remove the dried cotton.  Blackheads should come off wit it.

Far Face Maker

Mashed papaya, when applied on face, will give the face a instant glow.  Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse well.  Repeat often for faster results.

For Super Shiny Hair

This mix can complement your usual shampooing and conditioning.  Add ¼ cup vinegar to six cups cold water (for long hair).  Use this as your final shampoo rinse.  Condition as usual.

Sunburn Treatment

●  Snip off one of the stems of an aloe vera plant.

●  Squeeze off the gel from the leaf and apply to sunburn skin.  Aloe vera’s healing and antibacterial properties is due to aloectin B1 which stimulates the immune system.  Aloe vera gel, which is also sold in food stores, is also used in hospital to treat burn victims.

Water Therapy

Our body consists of 70 percent water.  Make sure to drink eight to 10 glasses of day to keep your skin hydrated, you digestive system working well, and to flush out toxins.  What will reduce acne flare-ups and keep your skin dewy-looking.


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