Dried Mango

One of the methods of preserving fruits is by drying.  Through this method, we can now enjoy the goodness of mangoes even on seasons when they are scarce.

There are three ways of drying for food preservation:

a.   By sunlight—the material is sliced and spread on a surface exposed to sunlight.

b.   By artificial light—the materials are dried by exposure to hot air in an over or in a specially-constructed drier.

c.   By air blast—the food is dried by means of a fan powered by electricity, kerosene or alcohol.  This method requires about 24 hours of drying.


1.    Wash and clean the mangoes to remove dirt and other foreign substances.

2.   Cut into quarters or halves and remove the seeds.

3.   Dip the slices into a 2 percent salt solution to improve its flavor and color.

4.   Place on trays

5.   Dry under the sun.

6.   Turn the mangoes every two hours during the first phase of drying.  As the mangoes become drier, turn the mangoes more often say every 30 minutes, until completed dry.