Homemade Inck

Writing is an essential part of our everyday lives.  We write to pay our bills, list our grocery items, and leave notes for our loved ones.  Much of the communication that goes on between people are done through writing.   Because of this, the pen and ink are indispensible tools to man.

Pen and ink are available commercially.  But the ink can also be done at home.  Here’s how to do it.


Iron nails, carbon tetrachloride, white vinegar, tea leaves, glue, container


1.   Iron acetate and tannic acid can easily be prepared at home.  To make an iron compound, soak some iron nails in carbon tetrachloride.  This will remove the grease coating from the nails.

2.   Let the nails soak in white vinegar for two days.  You have now made a solution of iron acetate.

3.   To make tannic acid, boil three tablespoons of tea leaves in half a cup of water.

4.   Combine equal amounts of iron acetate and tannic acid.  Mix small amount of glue to make the solution thicker.

5.   Test your ink.  You might only see what you wrote after a day.  add a soluble dye to add color to your solution. – Bato Balani