27621You’ll need a saucepan, paraffin wax, string, molders, crayons, a sharpener, and some sticks.

  1. Use the sharpener to gather crayon shards of your favorite color.  Make sure you collect plenty.  You can use a cutter for this as well, but be careful not to cut yourself.
  2. Put the paraffin wax in the saucepan and heat over a flame.  Once it is consistent enough to stir, add in the crayon shards.
  3. Take a piece of string about three inches longer than your molder.  The one end of it to the center of a stick and place the rest of it inside the molder.  The stick should be longer than the molder’s opening so it will hold the string up.
  4. Once the paraffin wax and crayons have blended together, pour the mixture into the molder.  Let stand, or refrigerate for quicker results.
  5. When the wax has hardened, clip the string, leaving about half an inch.  This will be the wick of your candle.
  6. Take the molder and heat over a flame to melt the wax just enough for the candle to come loose.
  7. Repeat step 1 to 6, using other colors this time. -Bato Balani

Photo courtesy:  demandstudios