Recycling is turning out to be not just the norm, but a remarkable way of expressing creativity as well.  If your household happens to consume lots of canned goods, here’s one way of maximizing the use of tin can.

1What you need:

♦  Recyclable tin

♦  Can wide metallic ribbon

♦  Hot glue gun and glue

♦  Nuts (as in nuts and bolts) bailing wire

♦  Wire cutters

♦  Long pencil

♦  Metallic embroidered medallion or similar item as centerpiece

♦  Nail

♦  Hammer

♦  Wood block to hammer onto Finishing paint spray

What you’ll do:

  1. Take the label off the tin can, then wash thoroughly the interior and exterior portions.
  2. Using a hammer and a nail, punch two holes through the can from the inside.  These will be used for the container handle.
  3. To make the handle, cut the bailing wire using wire cutters.  Coil the wire around a pencil to make the handle attractive and “handy”.
  4. Place the handle properly.  Cut any extra wire using the wire cutters.
  5. Glue the wide metallic ribbon around the tin can.
  6. Glue the centerpiece.
  7. Use three nuts as “legs” of the holder.
  8. Spray the holder with the color of your choice.

Source:   Clever Containers. article/0.2025.DIY_13769_2829050,00.html

Photo courtesy:  creativemomcafe