BT13160_1Here are some important points to consider when breeding African lovebirds.

Selecting the Birds

♥  Purchase birds only from well-established dealer or recognized breeder.

♥  Start with a single pair—male and female.

♥  Learn about the birds’ color, age and health before making a choice.

♥  Pick out lively birds that sit actively, are proud and react to movements.

Care and Housing

♥  House African lovebirds in bigger cages for comfort as well as for easy and frequent cleaning.

♥  Prepare individual cages (24 inches long, 30 inches high, and 24 inches wide) made from wire mess or metal.

♥  The cage should also be provided with perches and trays for the birds droppings.

♥  Near the perches, put a piece of dried cuttlebone to keep the pet’s beak in good condition.


♥  Elect a regular feeding schedule (once a day only) for the birds.

♥  For each pair, the feed consists of two small cups of millet seed and one teaspoon of salad (mashed hard-boiled egg, chopped carrots, birdseeds, or sunflower) placed in separate cups.

♥  Clean water should also be provided and changed twice dayly.


♥  Lovebirds mate anytime of the year.  Prepare for nesting boxes with woodshavings for the young.

♥  Eggs are hatched 23 to 25 days.  After 1 ½ months, the young birds can be transferred to other cages.

Source: Roa-Ilan, Mabelle, Raising African Lovebirds

Photo courtesy:  birdtrader