Potato Croquettes

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Did you know that you could make potato coquettes out of potatoes?  A Croquette is actually a small cake of minced food, often coated with bread crumbs and fried in deep fat.  Try making one for yourself.


One cup mashed potato, one beaten egg, ¼ cup grated carrots, ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper, ¼ cup ground bread crumbs, ¼ cup milk, ¼ cup shortening


  1. Blend potato and egg.
  2. Add carrot and seasonings.
  3. Shape as desired.
  4. Dredge with breadcrumbs.  Then dip in milk and again in crumbs.
  5. Fry for five minutes or until brown.
  6. Allow extra oil to drip.

Reference:  Del Mundo, et.al.  Better Meals with Root Crops. UPLB.

African Lovebirds: From Hobby to Business

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BT13160_1Here are some important points to consider when breeding African lovebirds.

Selecting the Birds

♥  Purchase birds only from well-established dealer or recognized breeder.

♥  Start with a single pair—male and female.

♥  Learn about the birds’ color, age and health before making a choice.

♥  Pick out lively birds that sit actively, are proud and react to movements.

Care and Housing

♥  House African lovebirds in bigger cages for comfort as well as for easy and frequent cleaning.

♥  Prepare individual cages (24 inches long, 30 inches high, and 24 inches wide) made from wire mess or metal.

♥  The cage should also be provided with perches and trays for the birds droppings.

♥  Near the perches, put a piece of dried cuttlebone to keep the pet’s beak in good condition.


♥  Elect a regular feeding schedule (once a day only) for the birds.

♥  For each pair, the feed consists of two small cups of millet seed and one teaspoon of salad (mashed hard-boiled egg, chopped carrots, birdseeds, or sunflower) placed in separate cups.

♥  Clean water should also be provided and changed twice dayly.


♥  Lovebirds mate anytime of the year.  Prepare for nesting boxes with woodshavings for the young.

♥  Eggs are hatched 23 to 25 days.  After 1 ½ months, the young birds can be transferred to other cages.

Source: Roa-Ilan, Mabelle, Raising African Lovebirds

Photo courtesy:  birdtrader

Pickling Mushrooms

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Mushrooms have long been valued for their taste.  Pickling mushrooms is one way to ensure that you’ll always have this delicious item to perk up your meals.  Pickling is the process of preserving food y using salt or vinegar solution.  Mushrooms can be preserved just like other vegetables.  This is how it is done.


1 kilo fresh mushrooms

3 cups vinegar

2 cups sugar

1/3 cup salt and red pepper

20 grams onion and carrots

2 grams ginger



  1. Blanch mushrooms in boiling water for 5 minutes.  Drain in tray.
  2. Heat vinegar in casserole.  Don’t stir.
  3. Add all ingredients and oil.  This will be your pickling solution.
  4. Pak the blanched mushrooms in small bottles and press down to remove the air.
  5. Slowly pour the pickling solution to cover the mushrooms.
  6. Cap the bottles loosely and steam for one hour.
  7. Seal the cam with the candle serving.

Photo courtesy:  topnews