DIY: Homemade Fertilizers

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Unlike man, plants don’t need a set RDA (recommended dietary allowance).  This does not mean, however, that plants do not have nutritional needs.  While some gardeners prefer commercial organic fertilizers to keep their gardens in tip-top shape, healthier and cost-efficient alternatives are available and provide balanced nutrition for plants.  One is the homemade organic, fertilizer.

A variety of materials can be used for making organic fertilizer.  In here, you will see three fertilizer recipes you can easily make right in the comfort of your kitchen or backyard. 

Coffee Fertilizer

What you need:

●  Used coffee round

●  Metal tray

●  Used newspaper

What you will do:

1.   Line the metal tray with newspaper.

2.   Spread used coffee ground over the paper and air-dry.

3.   Sprinkle the air-dried coffee grounds on the soil surface.

4.   You may also water your plants with leftover coffee.  A solution of one part coffee to four parts water is deemed by gardening experts as ideal for watering plants.

Milk Fertilizer

What you need:

●  Milk

●  Water

What you need:

1.   Mix one part milk to four parts water.

2.   Use once a week for best result.

Vinegar Fertilizer

What you need:

●  Vinegar

●  Water

What you will do:

1.   Add 0.5 liter of white distilled vinegar to 8 L of water.

2.   Use every three months, especially during the growing season.

3.   You may also use 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar to 4 L of water.  This solution is ideal for houseplants as it lowers the pH and contains as many as 50 trace minerals.


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Weed Buster

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If weeds are a problem, don’t look for chemical herbicides as a solution.  Chemical herbicides may kill the weed fast, but they may also threaten your health.

So here’s an eco-friendly way to get rid of weeds growing on side walk cracks and between cricks.  Sorry, you can’t use this in the garden—this may also kill the other plants.

What you need:

     ●  1 cup salt

     ●  1 teaspoon liquid detergent

     ●  1 gallon vinegar

What to do:

There’s nothing complicated here.  just combine the ingredients in a bucket.  Stir to blend.  And you’re ready to eliminate the weeds.  Sprinkle the solution over weeds and see how the weeds wither to oblivion.

More Earth-friendly Tips:

     ●  Use small shovel or your hands to pull out weeds.  (You can compost the

          weeds to produce rich soil after you’ve removed them.)

     ●  Lay down newspaper between rows, and a thick layer of mulch.  This will

          prevent weed  seeds from sprouting.

     ●  For greatest ease, remove weeds when the soil is damp.

     ●  It is easiest to remove younger weeds, so don’t let them get out of   

         control.  Try to get all the roots.  Damp soil makes this easier.