Have you ever made a sandwich early in the morning then when you open it for lunch the bread is soggy and the filling is all over your lunchbox?  Well here are some rules in making sandwich on-the-go. 

  1. Make sure your containers and wrappers are clean.  It is also important to clean your hands vey well before preparing your sandwich.  A well-packed sandwich can quickly be spoiled and lose its attraction if these precautions are not taken.
  2. Spread both slices of bread, preferably with butter or margarine since mayonnaise will soak the bread.
  3. Keep the crusts on, the sandwich will keep its shape better and will not break and crumble so easily.
  4. The fillings should be moist but not runny.
  5. Spread the filling to the edge—but not over the edge of the slice of bread.
  6. Put lettuce, tomato, and other additions in a separate container.  They will taste much better and the sandwich will not become soggy.  Just put them in the sandwich when you are ready to eat it. – Chit Ricalde Bito 



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